IPGKTAR Teacher’s Chat Podcast E1S1 - 2023

EPISODE 1: Spend Smarter, Not Harder

In this episode, the pandemic's impact on teacher trainees' finances, including increased expenses for online assignments and anxiety over insufficient funds, is discussed. The trainees share insights on how their lifestyles affect monthly expenses and provide advice on balancing lifestyle and budgeting. Hanisah concludes the podcast by expressing gratitude to the trainees and encouraging listeners to take control of their finances while finding joy in managing money purposefully.
Special thanks to the host, Hanisah Binti Ayubudiman (TESL), technical support, Muhammad Asfa Rizal Bin Ham Asmawi (TESL), and participants Kong Chen Chen (Early Childhood Edu.), Wan Rechee bin Fred (TESL), Nur Farrahin binti Mohd. Hud (TESL ), Babra Wendy ak Joseph (TESL), Gabriel Anchang (TESL).

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